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Medical Credentialing & Enrollment Services

Provider enrollment and physician/non-physician credentialing are one of the most essential components required to allow practitioners to provide services to their patients. Our commitment extends to managing these critical aspects on your behalf. By doing so, we ensure that your physicians' records are meticulously updated, allowing you to focus on your practice while we manage the essential administrative components seamlessly.


At SECURE TRUST PMB, we understand that maintaining proper credentials is pivotal for your practice's success. Our experienced and transparent team is here to guide you through the intricate provider enrollment and medical credentialing process at a cost-effective rate as we handle all the paperwork and intricacies associated with credentialing, enrollment, and contract negotiations

Our medical billing company specializes in streamlining provider enrollment, physician/non-physician credentialing, and contract negotiations. We handle all the extensive paperwork, ensure clarity, and persistently liaise with insurance companies until the task is successfully completed. At SECURE TRUST PHYSICIAN MEDICAL BILLING, our dedicated professional staff simplifies the process, delivering swift and accurate results, every time.


Our standard operating procedure is to conduct a complete contract evaluation before initiating any contract negotiation project. We like to guarantee that our negotiation services will obtain a substantial increase in your reimbursement, justifying the expense. This simple fact is that your practice could be leaving up to 25% of your collections on the table. Stop losing your patients because you don't take insurance. Instead, let us help with enrollment application submissions and ensure the success of your practice.  

Our Credentialing Services Include:

  • Commercial insurance provider enrollment and credentialing (i.e., Aetna, Anthem, BCBS, CIGNA, TriCare, Humana, UnitedHealthcare and many more!)

  • Medicare and Medicaid provider enrollment and credentialing

  • Medicare revalidation

  • CAQH registration

  • NPI registration (Type I and Type II)

Vital Follow-Ups

Our medical credentialing and enrollment services ensure that all follow-ups are performed adequately for a smooth enrollment

Portal Registrations

Create and manage CAQH, NPPES & PECOS credentialing portals


Our credentialing services ensure compliance with all regulatory agencies applicable to your practice.

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